Make the Holiday’s Special

Why should you use a Limousine Service during the Holiday’s?

  1. FUN: Celebrate with your friends in the back of a stretch on the way to your dinner parties or other events.
  2. HOLIDAY LIGHT TOUR: Take your favorite alcoholic beverage, play your favorite holiday music and enjoy the sights of the Holiday’s while someone else takes you to all the hot spots for Christmas lights.
  3. YOUR CAR, YOUR DRIVER: When you hire a limousine service for the night, it’s your car and your driver for the night.  No waiting on a cab, paying surge pricing for a ride share programs and the driver is at your call!
  4. SAFTY: You can enjoy your friends and favorite beverage while someone else is driving.  Avoid a DUI
  5. NEW YEARS EVE:  See all of the above

It’s simple!  You want to have a fun during the holidays, you want to enjoy your favorite beverage and your friends, you want to be safe on the roads, Call a Limousine Service!

All Points Limo’s of St. Petersburg FL has been in Business since 2008 servicing the area with high quality Limousine service.

Author- Tara Homan — All Points Limousine Marketing manager and chauffeur.


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