What’s your New Years Resolution?

What’s your New Years Resolution?

We all have at least one New Years Resolution!  We have Personal resolutions, business and professional resolutions.

Perhaps your resolutions is to save more money, loose weight, travel more, spend more time with your family and loved one. All of these but helping you loose weight we can help you with in the limousine business!

Have you ever used a car service to get you to and from the Airport?  Renting a car service through a Limousine company you can save both time and money!  They say “Time is Money” So by using a limo to get you to and from the airport, you can work from your mobile devise while someone else is driving. You will be dropped curbside instead of having to find parking and locate your car after your return, plus the nightly charges to store your car in one of the long term garages.  You will also have more time with your friends and family because you will not have to arrive at the airport quite as early with a limousine service.

Have you ever used a limousine service for Dinner with your family and friends?  Rent a Limo service to pick you and your family and friends up for a night out to dinner.  You will be able to enjoy spending quality time with them; you are free to enjoy your favorite beverage and avoid the risk of getting a DUI which can cost well over $10,000 plus loss of license and put someone else life at risk or even end up in prison. It’s not worth the Risk.

Let us be a part of your New Years Resolution!

For more information about Limousine rental services in the St. Petersburg/Tampa Area contact All Points Limousine at http://www.allpointlimos.com or call  727-367-5466

Author- Tara Homan- All Points Limousine Marketing Manager

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