Unique Birthday Celebration Ideas

Looking for a Unique way to celebrate your child’s upcoming Birthday?  Use a Limousine Service to help with the process! Here’s a few fun Ideas:

  1. Have a Limo pick up your child and all of her friends after school.  Have the chauffeur drop off children at a home for the party, a special location like a skating rink, escape room or jump gym or a hair and nail salon where the parents can pick up after the party.
  2. Have a Limo pick up your kids at your house and take them to a local theme park or concert venue and return them when they are done.  This is Great for teenagers as well as younger children.
  3. Book a Limo to pick up the kids after school and drive around town with a bottle of sparkling juice to celebrate then stop for pizza or ice cream.  They can stop along the way at local land marks to get photo’s.
  4. Turn the Birthday party into a scavenger hunt. The first clue is in the limo or leads them to the limo. Be sure to provide your chauffeur with directions ahead of time to different locations so that the kids can take selfies or find specific objects  for the scavenger hunt with the final destination at the party place.
  5. Make the family dinner celebration extra special with a limousine ride to and from your choice restaurant.
  • Please note that most companies require a chaperon for children under the age of 14.

Looking for a good Limousine Rental Service in the Tampa Bay Area who will be Great with your child’s birthday celebration? All Points limousine Chauffeurs are all federally finger printed and checked for your child’s safety!  All Points Limos Dispatch manager (Bob) is able to help create an experience of a lifetime for your child.


Author- Tara Homan — All Points limousine  Marketing Manager and Chauffeur

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