Licensed Armed Security Officer Chauffeur

In an interview with Sid Smith on January 24, 2017, owner of All Points Limousine, I asked him why he chose to become a Licensed Armed Security officer?

In 2005 when he went to school to become a Armed Security officer he knew of no other Chauffeur in the Tampa Bay area with these credentials.  He has the highest respect for our Law Enforcement and being a home grown Floridian he knows that many VIP, celebrities and dignitaries travel to this area.

What is the Training to become an Armed Security officer?  The training is not as extensive as becoming a law enforcement officer but on a similar scale.  Training in individual areas are required.  Sid is trained not only in Firearms with the permit to open carry as well as a permit to conceal, his training includes securing an area prior to police arrival on scene if there is ever an incident.  See link below for more information:

Mr. Smith attended S2 Institute in Clearwater, Florida and has maintained his certification since receiving his original licensing in 2005.

Has Mr. Smith ever used his training in the field with a client?  His answer was “Yes”.  One evening while a client wanted to stop at an ATM a civilian aggressively approached Mr. Smith and his client.  Mr. Smith does not advertise his training, however He did show this civilian his badge and simply stated “This is not a confrontation that you would want.” The Civilian left without a quarrel or confrontation.

Having an Armed Security Officer as a chauffeur is often used for High Profile VIP clients, including Celebrities, Sports Figures, Business CEOs and other Dignitaries.  All of which Mr. Smith has chauffeured.

To Hire a Licensed Armed Security Officer from a Limousine Rental company that has an outstanding reputation, Give All Points Limousine a Text or Call at 727-367-5466 or check them out at

Author:  Tara Homan — All Points Limousine Marketing Manager

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