Love in a Limo

Are you looking for a special night with your love? I know it’s cliche, but she would still love to go to dinner in a Limo!  Here’s a few idea’s:

  1. Provide your limousine service with flowers, a gift and champagne ahead of time to place in the car and have her picked up at work or at home and have her dropped off wherever you want the driver to bring her; maybe for a picnic on the beach at sunset, or dinner at one of our many fine restaurants. This can be inexpensive treat for your Love.
  2. Have the limousine service pick both of you up at a mutually agreed upon location.  You can enjoy a Sunset on the beach, then go for dinner at your favorite local restaurant.
  3. Have a limousine take you and your special someone to anyone of our special events in the Tampa Bay area.  Click here for more information: Valentines Events Tampa Bay
  4. Have the Limousine pick you up at work or home and then have them pick her up at work or home, go to dinner  or a show and be returned!

Besides being Romantic taking a Limousine is a very Safe way to enjoy an evening with your Love!

Looking for a Limo Rental service in the Tampa Bay or St. Petersburg Area? Check out my favorite Limo Service: All Points Limousine of St. Petersburg, FL

Author- Tara Homan

Wrote: Feb 2017

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