Your Prince(ss)’ Chariot for Prom

She walks down the stairs with her hair, make up and sparkly dress with High heels on and you think, “Where did my little Princess go? She’s all grown up!”

He steps out of the bathroom with his tuxedo on and his hair neatly comb when you remember those days where he ran around with a cape on and think, “He’s a man now, how did that happen so fast!”

It’s Prom Night!

Do you really want a teenager driving off to prom? There is a SAFER and more fun option!

How about getting a few parents involved in splitting the cost of a limousine!  The average limousine seats 8 people comfortably.

You could also rent a Mini bus or party bus for a larger group of young men and ladies!

What about just renting an SUV or Towncar to safely take the couple to and from Prom or the after-Prom Events.

There’s so many safe and reliable options to get your Superhero or Princess to and from this special night! Many limousine companies allow you to control the stops, who’s allowed in the vehicle and what times the young men and ladies are picked up and where they are dropped off. We understand that many of them are minor’s and will not allow them to do anything illegal in our vehicles.

Contact All Points Limousine for you Prom Transportation needs. 727-367-5466

Author- Tara Homan  — March 2017

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