School Day Surprise

It’s that time of year again! Schools ALMOST out for the Summer!  Would you like to create a special memory for your child?  Most kids love being picked up in front of all of their friends at school by a limo.

Here’s a few suggestion of how to make that happen:

  1. Have mom pick up the kids in a limo when school releases for a total surprise and take the kids for pizza or ice cream to Celebrate Summer Vacation!
  2. Have mom pick up the kids in the limo on the last day of school and take them to the Tampa Zoo or Bush Gardens. Then have your driver return you all home.  The kids can have soda  or a juice box (provided by mom) and the adults can have your favorite beverage; we’ll provide the ice!
  3. Mom and Dad can have the limo pick them and then surprise the child at the end of  the school day and take you to your favorite restaurant, skate town, chuck-e-cheese or any of your chosen locations to make the day memorable.

Looking for a quality limousine company that will be great with your child, look no further than your friends at All Points Limousine!

Every Limousine Driver at all Points Limousine must pass a Federal Background checks to insure your child’s safety as well as your own!

Author: Tara Homan- All Points Limousine Marketing Manager

April 21, 2017

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