Visual Art Lovers Only….

Oil and Canvas, Clay, Marble, Acrylics, and Wood Carvings are just a few of the mediums you will explore in a Visual Arts Tour! Get your friends together for a Day with the Arts.  We have several Wonderful Art Museums in the St Petersburg area that you can enjoy a Limousine ride to and from!  Most Museums open at 10am, so you can spend a few hours at a couple of them or visit all of them for a full day trip.  Bring your favorite Champagne, wine or beer and Enjoy your day with Salvador Dali, the Chihuly Collection, Exploring History through Art or viewing the works of a new artist.

St. Petersburg has some extravagant Museums that people from all over the world travel to see.  Take a tour of St Petersburg via Limousine or Limo Bus.

Another option might be to tour the The Ringling Museum in Sarasota for the featured artists as well as a tour of the Estate.  You can also ride over the other bridge to The Tampa Arts Museum  to view the featured Art Spot and a walk by the water.

Check out a few of the St. Petersburg locations you could explore below to book a group tour:

The Dali Museum

Museum of Fine Arts

Morean Arts Center

The Chihuly Collection

Florida Craft Art Gallary

For more information about the seven Art Districts of St. Petersburg, FL click Here

To book a Limousine or Bus for your Art Tour, contact All Points Limousine

Author- Tara Homan- All Points Limos Marketing Manager

June 2017

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